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M e e t i n g  w o r l d  n o s e s

Mikael Zayat

(Bromont, Canada) 2013


Michael Zayat has a special place in my ‘Aromatic Gallery”. We met several years ago at Grasse’s symposium where he lectured at the time. At that time the scientific presentations where the overall of the symposium. His lecture created a interesting link between science and traditional use. His essential oil of the red Cedar was something else!


Michal is a sympathetic, profound Canadian who’s roots lies in Egypt.  In his early years he studied cultural antropology among other studies in Cairo. His interest for natural wellbeing originate from his family roots where he was introduced to traditional and natural medicine. He also was the privat secratary for the former minister of education, philosoher, writer  and poet Taha Hussein.  When he moved to Canada in the seventies he continued his studies and specialized himself in ‘global wellbeing’ through his PHD in education and many trainings in alternative medicine. Mikael has a true alchemist way of thinking which is shown  in his essential oils but also his project “Jardin de Vie’ (‘Gardens of life’) which he created together with Veronik Tangay.


When I presented for the first time my art and scent objects ‘The STILLS” in Grasse in 2010, it was a true challenge to get the first responses from a professional ‘smelling’ audience. My objects tell a mutisensory story of plants and it’s aromatic essences, use and properties. Mikael was the one who gave me a compliment with the biggest impact. As he saw my objects he gave me a complete scientific background on why my objects where exactly telling the right story... it was heartwarming and exciting!


For me Mikael is one of those persons who inspire the people around him  and make them see ‘the magic of nature’: in that way he truely  is an alchemist who transforms life into gold...


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MIkael Zayat

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