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M e e t i n g  w o r l d  n o s e s

Riad Tayabal

(Nice, France) 2012


This years 14th symposium in Grasse was very special!

As usual this international and well known threeday event on aromatheraphy and medicinal plants was filled with speakers from all over the world. So I was proud to present here my first International workshop on scent and psychology ! The participants, most Irish, enjoyed two hours of informative scent experiences with beautiful oils sponsored by Barosyl, a company owned by mr. Riad Tayabali.

Barosyl started out as a family corporation based in Nice. It owns it's name by three essential oils: Basil, Rose and Ylang ylang, oils with a supreme quality you can find in Riads collection. During the workshop we used many different scents, but the favourite oil of the group was the Spikenard (Nardus Jatamansi); an ancient oil used for the oinment of Jesus feet by Maria Magdalena. The oil scents almost narcotic and opens up mind and spirit.

My personal favourite, the blue Lotus, Riad importes from Sri Lanka. Most of the time this specific oil is synthetical or blended with other species. I was very pleased to find this beautiful, pure and historical oil in his collection. As Riad knows his distillers on a personal base, the quality of the oil always is garanteed.

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