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M e e t i n g  w o r l d  n o s e s

Najat Saliba

(Beirut, Libanon) 2011


A last minute decision made me hurry of to Spain and join a great scent-event organized by IFEAT/ICAT in Barcelona. At this special traing for noses, chemists and aroma-involved people, we were presented with more then 100 scents. The international aromatic setting had Japanese, Italian, Indian, Spanish, English, Libanese and Dutch (me) participants, and I was enthousiastic to find indeed we have universal emotions on certain odors, but also big differences.

In this 'fragrant cloud' I met Najat Saliba, a chemistry assosiate professor from the American University of Beirut and Director of the Nature conservation center for Sustainable Futures. One of her research interests lies in th extraction and identification of the chemical profile of essential oils from plants of high commercial value.

The Ibsar Nature Conservation Center for Sustainable Futures, is an AUB institute that does research and public outreach related to Lebanon’s biodiversity. Najat currently directs the center and leads projects evaluating potential medicinal properties of the country’s plant and marine extracts. Najat is an inspiring person and plans and ideas where born, or should I say 'planted', during our training between working and leasure.


v i s i t  t h e  we b s i t e of the Beirut University:

Najat Saliba Ph D.